Seamless Workforce Management

Optimize Team Efficiency with Chattrik Workforce Management

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Full Team Engagement

Generate numerous agent accounts to cover all your needs.

Tailored Profiles

Personalize details like names, job titles, photos, and more.

Agent Performance Insights

Evaluate the performance of each agent with comprehensive reports.

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Collaborate Effectively

Organize your agents into specialized groups to streamline various customer service tasks
such as sales and support.

Efficient Chat Routing

Utilize URL rules to automatically direct chats to specific groups based on the starting page.

Agent Priority Management

Establish secondary priority for backup agents, ensuring they receive chats only when primary priority agents are unavailable.

Strategic Reporting

Analyze and compare metrics between groups to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your teams with our advanced filtering in reports.

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Experience Chattrik with
Your Entire Team!

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Automation
  • Omnichannel messaging

Establish Leadership

Assign roles and privileges to individuals on your team, defining who takes charge in various capacities.

Ownership Authority

The Owner is the sole authority, responsible for the account and granted access to all features.

Administrative Control

Administrators hold comprehensive access, including features like reports, to ensure team efficiency.

Focused Chat Handlers

Agents concentrate on managing chats, with restricted access to settings and reports.

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Effortless Shift Scheduling

Take command of when your agents engage in chats using the work scheduler.

TM ICON Effortless Status Updates

Activate the work scheduler to automatically change your agents' status when they begin and end their shifts.

TM ICON Streamlined Shift Planning

Use the work scheduler to set up shifts for weekdays, weekends, or customize for each day individually. It also facilitates the configuration of night shifts for seamless planning.

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Effortless Shift Management

Take charge of when your agents handle chats by utilizing the intuitive features of the work scheduler.

ICON Comprehensive Chat Tools

Access a suite of tools to deliver exceptional customer support.

ICON Agent Availability Automation

Harness the power of our APIs to streamline your workflow and create personalized integrations.

ICON Chattrik APIs

Empower your customer support with a range of tools for optimal performance.

ICON Diverse Messaging Channels

Utilize various channels to ensure top-notch customer support.

ICON Tailored Customization

Enable customers to respond at their convenience through asynchronous communication.

ICON Engagement Excellence

Equip yourself with an array of tools to provide outstanding customer support.

ICON Robust Reports & Analytics

Access essential tools for in-depth reporting and analytics to enhance customer support.

ICON Sales & Ecommerce Solutions

Leverage tools tailored for sales and ecommerce to elevate your customer support.

ICON Top-notch Security Measures

Utilize advanced tools to ensure a secure and trustworthy customer support environment.

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