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Everything where it needs to be

Chattrik's agent workspace is explicitly made with all the demands of the agents in mind. Through Agent Workspace, agents seamlessly communicate with customers, add comments, or transfer chats to another agent or queue. They can view the website's customer history and current activity with just a click.

Real-time communication

Monitor all ongoing conversations

Receive instant notifications regarding new messages and engage in real-time communication across various platforms such as email, chat, phone, and messaging. Observe when a customer is actively typing a response in a chat, or when a fresh WhatsApp message enters the conversation. Keep abreast of discussions in which you are CC'd or actively following, all conveniently accessible from a single unified interface.

Live Chat

Tailored chat

Customize your agent's environment to match their distinct workflows effortlessly through intuitive drag-and-drop layout customization. Effortlessly bring crucial context or applications out of the sidebar, allowing you to work in a manner that suits your preferences. Explore a vast array of applications available on the Chatrick Marketplace, enabling agents to pin their favorites for quicker issue resolution with fewer clicks. Unleash the superpower of customization in your workspace.

Enhancing customer reach and satisfaction through unified channels

Our customers engage with us through various channels, spanning email, chat, and phone. Ensuring accessibility on their preferred channel is paramount to us. Agent Workspace has been instrumental in consolidating these channels into a singular platform. This unification enables our support team to deliver contextual and personalized experiences, contributing significantly to our impressive CSAT score of 98%.

Susan Springfield SVP of Operations Bombshells Corporation

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