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Helpdesk solutions

Who benefits from the help center?

Any business providing customer support or services can leverage a help center solution for seamless handling of customer inquiries. While customer support teams are the primary users, help center systems often offer advanced features extending their utility to other departments. Sales teams can tap into call center capabilities or live chat, while IT service desks can utilize emails and the customer portal integrated with a knowledge base. By incorporating free knowledge base software, agents can efficiently address repetitive questions, allowing them to allocate more time to critical issues.

Popular features of our
help centers

A top-notch help center software encompasses a range of tools designed to facilitate seamless interactions and enhance customer support.

Ticketing system

Chattrik's ticketing system is a crucial component of our help center management software. It consolidates customer messages, transforming them into help center tickets within a universal inbox equipped with advanced features.

  • Experience an 85% Reduction in Issue Resolution Time
  • Achieve a 95% Cost Savings on Support
Swift support

Live chat

Deliver exceptional customer service through our swift live chat widget. Supported by essential features like canned responses and real-time typing view, our live chat ensures speedy customer support.

  • Offer Rapid Customer Service to Every Customer
  • Easy to use and implement on any of your websites
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Empower teams

Knowledge base

Equip your team and customers with essential information using our knowledge base software for effortless self-support. Share best business practices, informational articles, how-to guides, and more with our powerful knowledge base tool, providing personalized and effective support.

  • Offer Support on a Personal Level with Calls
  • Efficiently handle inbound calls and preview customer data all in one place.
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Multilanguage support

Fully multilingual​ experience

Our software communicates in your language. Choose your preferred language and tailor Chattrik to your liking. Currently supporting 43 languages, we continually add new languages regularly. Leverage language-adaptable widgets to speak the language of your customers effortlessly. Set the language in individual widget settings, and you're good to go.

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Reporting excellence

Comprehensive analytics at your fingertips

Chattrik meticulously measures data within your help center system, generating comprehensive reports easily accessible from your dashboard. Evaluate individual or overall agent performance, channel effectiveness, resolved tickets, ongoing chats, agent ratings, and more. Customize how you visualize data and leverage it to enhance your help center performance across every aspect.

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Smartphone apps

Mobile help center experience

Looking to offer customer support and address queries on the go? Chattrik provides native applications for both Android and iOS, enabling you to respond while away from your computer. Both apps empower you to manage various requests, including emails, calls, live chats, and social media inquiries. These apps are complimentary for every Chattrik user, allowing you to download them at your convenience

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Unlocking free support

How help centre can transform
your business?

Unlocking free support

Round-the-clock customer​ support

Harness the capabilities of help center software to provide customers with continuous support, 24/7. How? By establishing a comprehensive knowledge base. Our research indicates that nearly 70% of customers favor self-service options. Offering a fast and convenient self-service solution can give your business a competitive edge. Achieve this seamlessly through the implementation of robust knowledge base software.

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Comprehensive multi-channel support

Eliminate the need to switch between platforms to address customer inquiries. Experience an immediate enhancement in customer interactions by seamlessly connecting your email, live chat, phone calls, social media, and more within Chattrik.

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Performance​ insights at your fingertips

Stay consistently informed about agent performance to drive continuous improvement. Chattrik's team performance data furnishes your business with actionable insights into customer service. Evaluate whether additional training is necessary or identify areas for enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Service enhancement

Elevated customer experience (CX)

Enhance the customer experience by proactively engaging with customers throughout their browsing journey. Customer service software empowers your representatives to extend proactive chat invitations, helping prevent a high bounce rate, enhance overall CX, and ultimately foster increased customer loyalty.

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Service management

Task​ automation for stellar customer service

To deliver an exceptional customer service experience, your agents must be fast and efficient. Yet, dealing with repetitive tasks can be time-consuming. Automating tasks and creating email templates or canned messages through the ticketing system enables agents to allocate their time more efficiently, focusing on customers in need. Custom workflows further enhance this streamlined approach.

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Collaboratiom tools

Seamless teamwork

The help center system facilitates multiple avenues for collaboration among colleagues. The customer service team can communicate directly within customer support tickets, swiftly resolving customer issues. Additionally, the team can engage in chat discussions outside the help center tickets. Efficient teamwork elevates your customer service to a professional level, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

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