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With Chattrik AI Bot, your chat bot remains active 24/7, ready to address customer queries, no matter the complexity.

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Human agents can supervise and intervene in Bot conversations in real-time. That means, you're in charge, always!

Smart responses

Boost your response time with AI-generated suggestions.

Quick responses

You can receive suggestions for real-time responses derived from your existing content and ongoing conversations. Click reply, and you're good to go!

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Message and monitor from any device without any effort. That eliminates the need for time-consuming typing or research.

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Deactivate or activate Smart Responses with a single click to take back control at any moment. With Chattrik, you have complete autonomy of the customer experience.

AI Commands

Unleash the power of AI to make your chat experiences more smooth!

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Write confidently

Eliminate all errors and transform your tone to be captivating, positive, and compelling!

Efficiency in support

Create responses effortlessly, whether it involves translating, summarizing, or creating a tutorial from scratch.

Create fresh content

AI assists in brainstorming, developing content, and even composing your emails. It's just like possessing conversational superpowers.

Here are the answers to some of the most
frequently asked questions.

AI Assist utilizes your data to provide accurate and relevant answers to customer inquiries. In the beta version, the AI is compatible with your content knowledge base and plain text. This allows you to select the categories you want your AI to use, ensuring it provides answers based on the information you find appropriate.

We've taken several measures to ensure AI delivers accurate responses, including referencing your data to generate well-informed answers tailored to your specific needs. While it's important to note that AI technology may not achieve 100% accuracy, we are dedicated to continually refining and improving its performance based on valuable feedback from users like you.

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