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Chat Capabilities

Equip your support team with powerful live chat software

Deliver an exceptional user experience for each chat agent and enhance customer conversations. Our advanced features enable customer support agents to manage numerous conversations daily. Explore the benefits your help desk agents receive on a unified platform.

Enhance agent productivity with:

  • A dedicated and dependable chat solution
  • Key features tailored to support you
  • Numerous integrations for seamless functionality
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Chattrik transcends typical live chat solutions

Chattrik offers more than just conventional live chat services. Explore our comprehensive customer service platform designed to manage all crucial communication channels. Explore the essential features and witness their functionality in action.


Key features of an efficient help desk
ticketing software

Chat software

Unified inbox

No need to monitor individual communication channels separately. The shared universal inbox consolidates all messages into one location, transforming them into tickets. Manage your email inbox and respond to incoming emails, phone calls, social media messages, live chat messages, and knowledge base tickets all in one central hub.

  • Centralized customer communication
  • User-friendly dashboard with seamless organization
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Streamlined customer interactions

Every incoming ticket, regardless of the channel, is efficiently organized by the Chattrik support ticket system whenever a customer reaches out for assistance. This system ensures that extensive searches are not a daily requirement. Consolidate every customer inquiry into a single help desk ticket thread, be it from email, live chat, or social media.

  • Maintain organized communication across all channels
  • Reduce agent response time for quicker replies
  • Enhance workflow efficiency and effortlessly locate customer tickets
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Internal Tickets and Notes

Generate tickets exclusively visible to your customer support agents. Utilize them as notes to record essential information, reminders for recall, or to establish specific tasks within a ticket thread. Share vital details directly within the tickets with your colleagues. For utmost transparency, each private note is accessible to the entire team.

  • Create internal notes and tasks for agents
  • Document pertinent customer information
  • Establish reminders within the tickets for personal recall
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Pre-defined Responses

Leverage canned messages to swiftly address frequently asked questions in customer support tickets, reducing agent response times. Empower your help desk team to resolve common issues more efficiently, allowing them to concentrate on more complex customer inquiries. Stay focused on matters that demand your attention.

  • Ready-made responses for diverse scenarios
  • Accelerate resolution times for frequently asked questions
  • Enhanced agent productivity and focus
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Integration of Knowledge Base into Ticketing

Establish knowledge bases for customers who prefer self-service alternatives over reaching out to customer service. Chattrik provides a flexible Customer Portal with an embedded knowledge base that can be customized to match your branding. Incorporate FAQs and forums for discussions. Allow your customers to assist themselves when agents are unavailable.

  • Liberate your agent's time for addressing crucial issues
  • Comprehensive self-service portal features
  • Customer portal, knowledge base, forums, and FAQs
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How can online ticketing software benefit
your business?

Discover the ways in which ticketing software can assist you in managing customer requests, enhancing customer retention, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers with a ticketing system that facilitates quicker and more informed responses. Extend convenience to your customers by responding across multiple channels while maintaining meticulous organization.

  • Delight customers with prompt and informative responses
  • Extend support across various communication channels
  • Boost customer retention through improved response times
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of consumers prioritize speed and convenience

The majority consider elements such as speed, knowledgeable assistance, convenience, and friendliness as crucial aspects of a positive customer service experience.

Improved conversion rates and earnings

Including a simple chat window on your website will boost conversions. You can assist customers in making selections about what to buy and suggest better items. Convert more visitors to your website into paying clients.

  • Increase sales by using online chat to empower your sales team.
  • Help clients make purchases and respond right away
Reductions in Costs

Using live chat as a platform for communication is cheaper than calls, and faster than emails.

Excellent service for old and new customers

Boost customer loyalty by leveraging the most sophisticated chat widget to help your customers. Chattrik has all the right features to reduce cart abandonment. It stays available for website visitors any time they have to ask a question.

  • Boosts the overall customer service experience
  • Converts visitors into customers by decreasing card abandonment.
Reductions in Costs

Using live chat as a platform for communication is cheaper than calls, and faster than emails.

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