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Be in the position to provide around the customer support via our live chat


Make improvements in your business by asking for feedback at the end of the chat.

Boost your productivity with our AI-empowered workspace


Effortlessly address intricate issues through tickets specifically tailored for team collaboration, ensuring real-time customer updates.

Message Hub

Our collaborative inbox, enhanced by AI, is meticulously crafted for speed and efficiency, enabling your team to operate with heightened intelligence and faster collaboration.


Seamlessly integrate your Support Hub throughout the entire platform, allowing customers to access precise answers precisely when and where they need them.


Resolve half of your customer inquiries and instantly reduce your team's ticket volume with our revolutionary AI bot.

Reliable AI Assistance:

Built-in safety measures guarantee that the chatbot responds solely based on your support content, eliminating misleading answers and off-topic conversations.

Smooth Transition

The chatbot efficiently triages complex issues and seamlessly hands them over to your human support teams, ensuring an uninterrupted and exceptional customer experience.

Unified Automation

Effortlessly create potent, no-code automations for both your customers and team using chatbot, alongside other bots, triggers, conditions, and rules—all consolidated in one convenient space

Outreach Strategies

Cut down on support volume by proactively informing customers about arising issues through an extensive range of messages, including in-product, email, mobile push, chatbots, and banners.

Guidance and Learning

Facilitate the adoption of new features and enhance customer engagement with Product Tours, Checklists, Tooltips, and Banners.

Message Sequences

Craft coherent, targeted message sequences across various channels effortlessly with a visual builder that requires no coding.


Globally Renowned Startup Clientele


Y Combinator Companies Choose Chattrik

Join a thriving community of rapidly growing startups leveraging Chattrik

Chattrik seamlessly integrates into your tech stack, fostering connectivity with all the tools you already cherish. Experience a collaborative ecosystem that empowers your startup to flourish.

smb sec

"Chattrik startup initiative is a game-changer for early-stage companies. Its customer service platform boasts formidable AI capabilities, enabling us to scale up with demand. This has allowed us to delight our customers by delivering swift, proactive, and precise support."

Alexandra Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder at UniConnect

Benefits of using Chattrik for your startup

ICON Enhanced credibility

Adding Chattrik to your website not only offers immediate assistance but also enhances your credibility. Visitors will be reassured by the presence of real people ready to assist at any moment

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ICON Proactive Engagement

Initiate conversations with your website visitors at your convenience. Identify a customer struggling with a payment? Extend a helping hand by reaching out promptly.

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ICON Ensure Data Security

We prioritize the security of your data, implementing measures such as data encryption, access restrictions, 2-step verification, GDPR compliance, HIPAA readiness, and Privacy Shield Certification.

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