Maintain proximity to your customers, even from afar

Onboard and support your customers seamlessly with the team you already have. Chattrik consolidates your customer messaging into a unified platform.

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Stay connected throughout the customer journey

Welcome new customers with automated messages and respond to inquiries through live chat the moment they visit your site.

Initiate conversations with new customers through automated messages and address queries via live chat as soon as they land on your site.

Utilize automated messages to welcome new customers and promptly respond to their questions through live chat upon their site entry.

Engage new customers with automated messages and provide updates through live chat as they explore your site.

Welcome new customers with automated messages and address their queries through live chat, fostering a connection that builds loyalty.

Initiate conversations with new customers through automated messages and utilize live chat to promptly capture and act on their feedback.
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An improved customer experience

Expect growth in your business by having personalized conversations with your customers and achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

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Better team performance

You will notice an improvement in your team’s performance as they can centralize all your operations via our software.

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Messages that convert

With all data at their fingertips, your parents can send timely, insight-backed messages to customers, keeping them engaged and persuading them to act.

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300+ apps and integrations

Chattrik easily integrates into your tech stack, connecting all of the tools you already love.

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“Chattrik is perfect for our small business. It helps us keep our customers happy and scale our headcount strategically.”

Samantha Bowler, Head of Customer Services

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