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Chat software

Why does your business need live chat software?

Implementing live chat software is crucial for your company since it improves overall efficiency and streamlines customer care experiences. Your company may address problems quickly and efficiently with a centralized system for handling inquiries from customers, which will boost customer satisfaction. These systems are equipped with advanced features, so your agents spend more time focusing on critical issues and less time answering repetitive questions.

The software speeds up response times and delivers a flawless client experience by encouraging open lines of communication. The capacity to monitor and evaluate client contacts will promote proactive problem-solving, aiding in the identification of recurrent problems. Chattrik allows your company to provide outstanding customer support and establish enduring bonds with your customers.

Chat capabilities

Premium live chat features

With our dynamic chat tool, your customer support team can offer a great chat experience to your website visitors. Main features include chat routing, chat invitations, visitor tracking and IP blocking

Main benefits include:

  • Reliable and fully encrypted chat
  • Access to chat history of visitor
  • Access to chat analytics
  • Customize your chat as per your brand features
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Chattrik is not your conventional live chat software

Chattrik is more than just your average live chat service provider. It’s a full-featured customer support platform that skillfully handles all the critical contact channels. Explore Chattrik's unique features in more detail to be sure it's a solid and adaptable solution for all of your communication needs.

Automatic Messages

Proactive Chat Invitations

Proactive chat invitations are an effective tool that helps convert website visitors into paying clients. Use proactive messaging to draw in customers by inviting website visitors to engage with customer support representatives. Make the messaging unique and offer a customized experience that perfectly aligns with your website’s goals.

  • Convert website visitors into customers through chat communication
  • Invite customers to chat using automated messages.
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Visitor Tracking

Website monitoring

Learn where your website visitors spend their time the most by monitoring your website. The number of active agents, website visitors, and active chats are all visible on the chat overview. Track favorite URLs using website monitoring. If you would like to help potential customers in their experience, send them a chat message.

  • Select favorite pages and engage with users.
  • Monitor every website visitor and active discussion.
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Message sneak-peak

Real-time typing view

Prepare your responses in advance whenever you are about to receive a message from the customer. You can view your customers' input in real time via the typing-view feature. That means you can see what they are typing before they even press the send button. Utilize this handy feature to quickly respond to your customers by preparing the correct answers. Deliver unparalleled customer service at a rapid pace.

  • Prepare your responses more quickly and cut down on resolution times
  • Review communication before messages are sent
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Language options

Multilingual chat widget

Chattrik can speak your language and the language of your customers. Choose from multiple languages to help you provide support in various countries. Customize your chat windows and select their primary language. You can set up each chat widget with different language options if you’re providing support in multiple areas.

Select from a wide variety of language options for chat windows

  • Create chat widgets in several languages for different purposes
  • Learn more about the multilingual chat widget
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Benefits of using Chattrik for your business

There are many reasons why you should start using Chattrik from today. Here are some significant benefits of using Chattrik.

Save money as you chat live with your customers

Switching to live chat as a communication platform means you are using something faster than emails and cheaper than calls.

  • The right pricing plan can help you reduce costs for agents (per month).
  • You can handle more customers
Reductions in Costs

Using live chat as a platform for communication is cheaper than calls, and faster than emails.

Improved conversion rates and earnings

Including a simple chat window on your website will boost conversions. You can assist customers in making selections about what to buy and suggest better items. Convert more visitors to your website into paying clients.

  • Increase sales by using online chat to empower your sales team.
  • Help clients make purchases and respond right away
Reductions in Costs

Using live chat as a platform for communication is cheaper than calls, and faster than emails.

Excellent service for old and new customers

Boost customer loyalty by leveraging the most sophisticated chat widget to help your customers. Chattrik has all the right features to reduce cart abandonment. It stays available for website visitors any time they have to ask a question.

  • Boosts the overall customer service experience
  • Converts visitors into customers by decreasing card abandonment.
Reductions in Costs

Using live chat as a platform for communication is cheaper than calls, and faster than emails.

Over 400 users are maximizing the full range of available features provided by Chattrik

Chattrik has completely changed how users interact with our website. Our design and the live chat software work together smoothly to provide our users with real-time service. By aligning the chat feature with our brand, we can provide a consistent and polished online experience thanks to the customization choices. Since integrating Chattrik, our customer satisfaction has increased significantly.
Brian Dean Vice President,
Using Chattrik has revolutionized our e-commerce platform. Our customer service has significantly improved thanks to the live chat feature, which offers prompt support 24/7. We can make data-driven decisions by using analytics tools to understand customer behavior better. Chattrik has developed into a vital resource for improving our website's overall user experience.
Harvey CEO
For our e-commerce platform, Chattrik has been a game-changer. Our customer service has been significantly enhanced by the live chat feature, which offers prompt support throughout the purchasing process. By assisting us in comprehending consumer behavior, the live chat software empowers us to create data-driven selections. Chattrik has grown to be a vital resource for improving our website's user experience in general.
Julian Decosta Marketing Manager,

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