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Agent skill-driven chat routing

Effortlessly align chats with the agent best equipped to handle them within your team, all while managing the workload of each agent effectively. Assign unique skills to individual team members and establish rules to ensure that chats corresponding to those skills are consistently directed to the appropriate personnel. Say goodbye to manual transfers, reassignments, or escalations due to mismatched agent skills.

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Chat routing based on department selection in pre-chat survey

Visitors engage in chat for a multitude of reasons, ranging from basic inquiries to intricate technical problems. Optimize your pre-chat survey by enabling visitors to choose the department they want to connect with for a swift and precise solution, leading to quicker chat routing and enhanced customer service.

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Direct chat routing to a designated department/agent

Assigning a specific department or agent to your chat button ensures that chat requests originating from this button are automatically directed to the assigned department or agent. This feature proves valuable when you aim to have a dedicated chat button tailored to a particular department or agent.

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Implement customer demographic-based chat routing

Chattrik Live Chat offers dynamic chat routing based on various customer parameters such as location, source, behavior, navigation history, and other system fields. This includes data gathered through pre-chat surveys and custom variables.

Common chat routing scenarios encompass:
  • Geographic Segmentation:
    Customers from different regions are directed to specific resellers, partners, or teams responsible for those respective areas.
  • VIP Segmentation:
    Distinguish between VIP and non-VIP customers, routing VIPs to a senior team for personalized attention
  • Account Manager Assignment:
    Assign customers to dedicated account managers, ensuring they receive service from professionals who are familiar with their specific needs.

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