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Enhance sales performance

Revolutionize your customer service and elevate sales by incorporating Chattrik, a dynamic live chat solution. Utilize Chattrik to provide immediate assistance to your website visitors precisely when they require it. This translates to increased purchase frequency and a heightened average order value.

Resolve customer
issues instantaneously

Deliver rapid, real-time solutions with Chattrik as the quickest means to support your customers. The efficiency will be palpable to your customers, fostering a positive experience.

Witness business

Experience the growth of your business with Chattrik . No credit card is required to access the team plan features. Simply enter your business email to join the 37,000+ companies worldwide trusting Chattrik .

Witness your business
flourish with Chattrik.

  • No obligation with credit card details.
  • Unlock the full potential of team plan features.
  • No credit card required.

Chattrik is trusted by25000+ companies worldwide

Foster stronger

Chattrik offers a personalized, non-intrusive means of communication, allowing you to establish deeper connections with your customers, building trust that will sustain your business in the long run.


Adding Chattrik to your website not only offers immediate assistance but also enhances your credibility. Visitors will be reassured by the presence of real people ready to assist at any moment.

customer satisfaction

Customers engaging in chat interactions express significantly higher satisfaction with a brand's customer service compared to those using email or phone. Achieve an impressive Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, reaching as high as 97%.

“Chattrik leads contribute an additional $65,000 of business each month.”

Engaging with customers through chat yields higher satisfaction with a brand's customer service compared to email or phone interactions. Achieve an impressive Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of up to 97%!

  • No obligation with credit card details.
  • Unlock the full potential of team plan features.
  • No credit card required.
Proactive engagement

Initiate conversations with your website visitors at your convenience. Identify a customer struggling with a payment? Extend a helping hand by reaching out promptly.

Effortless team management

Efficiently monitor the performance of your customer service and sales teams using our comprehensive reports and supervision features. Access valuable data to enhance your teams' productivity.

Ensure data security

We prioritize the security of your data, implementing measures such as data encryption, access restrictions, 2-step verification, GDPR compliance, HIPAA readiness, and Privacy Shield Certification.

Seamless integration with preferred tools

Easily integrate Chattrik with your preferred tools, choosing from over 200 integrations. Craft the ultimate customer-centric experience, and if desired, create your own Chattrik extensions from the ground up.

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